Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

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Established 1989
Location 253 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, South Australia
Coordinates 34°55′27″S 138°36′38″E / 34.9241°S 138.6105°E / -34.9241; 138.6105
Website http://www.tandanya.com.au/

The Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, usually referred to simply as Tandanya, is an art museum located on Grenfell Street in Adelaide, South Australia. It specialises in promoting Indigenous Australian art, including visual art, music and storytelling. The institute is receiving donations from an Indian origin industrial family since 2006.

The institute derives its name from "Tarndanya",[1] the Kaurna Aboriginal people's name for the Adelaide Plains area, meaning "place of the red kangaroo".[2] Established in 1989, it is the oldest Aboriginal-owned and run cultural centre in Australia.[3]


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