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Bethlehem Lutheran Church and former Day SchoolFlickr1300246592419 January 2014Flickr1300246592419 January 2014
Botanic ChambersFlickr1224671839330 June 1995Flickr1224671839330 June 1995
Botanic HotelFlickr1371122726330 March 2014Flickr1371122726330 March 2014
Bray HouseFlickr1302235791423 February 2014Flickr1302235791423 February 2014
Bushmen's ClubFlickr130677799233 February 2014Flickr130677799233 February 2014
Carhayes HouseFlickr1203710077530 June 1985Flickr1203710077530 June 1985
Christian Brothers College - Brothers House and Hurley WingFlickr865271179130 June 1985Flickr865271179130 June 1985
Citizens' Life Assurance Company BuildingFlickr130223439553 January 2014Flickr130223439553 January 2014
Colonel Light HotelFlickr1136122203612 January 1984Flickr1136122203612 January 1984
Colonial Mutual Life (CML) Assurance Society Ltd BuildingFlickr130225951533 January 2014Flickr130225951533 January 2014
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Rundle Mall Adelaide Branch (former Shop)Flickr130253077533 January 2014Flickr130253077533 January 2014
Convent of MercyFlickr130006900953 January 2014Flickr130006900953 January 2014
Craigweil - HouseFlickr1371122365530 March 2014Flickr1371122365530 March 2014
Crown & Sceptre HotelFlickr1203837262630 June 1900Flickr1203837262630 June 1900
Cumberland Arms HotelFlickr130678031843 January 2014Flickr130678031843 January 2014
Cunningham Memorial ChapelFlickr86527103276 October 2011Flickr86527103276 October 2011
Currie Street Model SchoolFlickr8652719947Flickr8652719947
Darling BuildingFlickr1300250604319 January 2014Flickr1300250604319 January 2014
Destitute Asylum - Lying-in HospitalFlickr130235586653 January 2014Flickr130235586653 January 2014
Destitute Asylum - StoreFlickr130239573743 January 2014Flickr130239573743 January 2014
Destitute Asylum- ChapelFlickr865271965130 June 1985Flickr865271965130 June 1985
Destitute Asylum- Female SectionFlickr130237093133 January 2014Flickr130237093133 January 2014
Dimora- House and FenceFlickr1371123992330 March 2014Flickr1371123992330 March 2014
Draper Memorial Methodist Church ManseFlickr1227781230530 June 1995Flickr1227781230530 June 1995
DunmoochinFlickr1302440703419 January 2014Flickr1302440703419 January 2014
Duntocher - HouseFlickr1371123237530 March 2014Flickr1371123237530 March 2014
Elder House OfficesFlickr130020039243 February 2014Flickr130020039243 February 2014
Elder Park RotundaFlickr130022189543 January 2014Flickr130022189543 January 2014
Elder Park Rotunda photoLocalElder Park Rotunda photo.jpegLocalElder Park Rotunda photo.jpeg
Executor Trustee OfficeFlickr130032568753 January 2014Flickr130032568753 January 2014
Fennescey House OfficesFlickr130485016943 January 2014Flickr130485016943 January 2014
Flinders Street Baptist ChurchFlickr1300228682319 January 2014Flickr1300228682319 January 2014
Flinders Street Primary SchoolFlickr1300247190419 January 2014Flickr1300247190419 January 2014
Fowler's Lion FactoryFlickr130504269053 January 2014Flickr130504269053 January 2014
Friendly Society HallFlickr1203886232530 June 1995Flickr1203886232530 June 1995
G & R Wills WarehouseFlickr1371125895330 March 2014Flickr1371125895330 March 2014
Gable HouseFlickr1203980589630 June 1996Flickr1203980589630 June 1996
Gawler ChambersFlickr130514564653 January 2014Flickr130514564653 January 2014
General Havelock Hotel and former stablesFlickr1302194102323 February 2014Flickr1302194102323 February 2014
German ClubFlickr130251398433 January 2014Flickr130251398433 January 2014
Gilles Street Primary School (1899 building only)Flickr130030613231 December 2014Flickr130030613231 December 2014
Girls Friendly Society HostelFlickr864334168130 June 1984Flickr864334168130 June 1984
Goldsbrough HouseFlickr130248671343 January 2014Flickr130248671343 January 2014
Government HouseFlickr1136266692330 June 1985Flickr1136266692330 June 1985
Government OfficesFlickr130258716153 January 2014Flickr130258716153 January 2014
Grand Lodge of Freemasons Adelaide Masonic CentreFlickr1371124087530 March 2014Flickr1371124087530 March 2014
Greek Orthodox Church & Bell TowerFlickr1300230630519 January 2014Flickr1300230630519 January 2014
Green Dragon HotelFlickr1227636932530 June 1985Flickr1227636932530 June 1985
Grote Street Model School & Front Boundary WallFlickr1300348517319 January 2014Flickr1300348517319 January 2014
Hampshire HotelFlickr1300337537519 January 2014Flickr1300337537519 January 2014
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