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"Has subobject" is a predefined property representing a container construct that allows to accumulate property-value assignments similar to that of a normal wiki page. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

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Adelaide Botanic Garden - East Lodge +Adelaide Botanic Garden - East Lodge#Additional_work_-_Extension  +, Adelaide Botanic Garden - East Lodge#Additional_work_-_Main_Building_Demolished  +
Adelaide Boys High School +Adelaide Boys High School#Additional_work_-_Building_Additions  +
Adelaide Club +Adelaide Club#Additional_work_-_Stabilisiation  +, Adelaide Club#Additional_work_-_Additions_to_rear  +
Adelaide Electric Supply Company Power Station +Adelaide Electric Supply Company Power Station#Additional_work_-_Extension_from_one_storey_building  +
Adelaide Gaol +Adelaide Gaol#Additional_work_-_Additions  +
Adelaide General Post Office (GPO) +Adelaide General Post Office (GPO)#Additional_work_-_Addition_of_North_Wing  +
Adelaide Goal- Powder Magazine Keeper's Residence, Water Tank Toilet Fence Garden and Curtilage +Adelaide Goal- Powder Magazine Keeper's Residence, Water Tank Toilet Fence Garden and Curtilage#Additional_work_-_Painting  +, Adelaide Goal- Powder Magazine Keeper's Residence, Water Tank Toilet Fence Garden and Curtilage#Additional_work_-_Sewer_Connection  +, Adelaide Goal- Powder Magazine Keeper's Residence, Water Tank Toilet Fence Garden and Curtilage#Additional_work_-_Cladded_Extension  +,
Adelaide Oval Scoreboard +Adelaide Oval Scoreboard#Additional_work_-_Clock_Added  +, Adelaide Oval Scoreboard#Additional_work_-_Windvane_Added  +
Adelaide Stock Exchange +Adelaide Stock Exchange#Additional_work_-_Restoration_after_Fire  +, Adelaide Stock Exchange#Additional_work_-_Mezzanine_Floor_added_and_Renovations_after_Fire  +, Adelaide Stock Exchange#Additional_work_-_Renovvations_by_State_Government  +
Albert Bridge over the River Torrens (Metal Girder) +Albert Bridge over the River Torrens (Metal Girder)#Additional_work_-_Redecked  +
Archbishop's House (Catholic) +Archbishop's House (Catholic)#Additional_work_-_Alterations  +
Australian Mutual Provident Society (AMP) Building +Australian Mutual Provident Society (AMP) Building#Additional_work_-_Extension  +
Ayers House +Ayers House#Additional_work_-_East_Bow_and_Porch  +, Ayers House#Additional_work_-_West_Bow_and_Porch  +


Bank of Adelaide Head Office +Bank of Adelaide Head Office#Additional_work_-_Western_Section_with_entrance_to_Currie_Street  +
Bank of New South Wales +Bank of New South Wales#Additional_work_-_Alterations  +
Beehive Corner Building +Beehive Corner Building#Additional_work_-_Alterations_to_facade  +
Bishop's Court and Stables +Bishop's Court and Stables#Additional_work_-_Dining_Room_and_Bedrooms_added  +, Bishop's Court and Stables#Additional_work_-_Chapel_and_Entrance_Portico_added  +
Botanic Chambers +Botanic Chambers#Additional_work_-_Renovations_by_Wright_and_Reed  +, Botanic Chambers#Additional_work_-_Tiered_balconies_added  +, Botanic Chambers#Additional_work_-_Internal_alterations  +,
Bray House +Bray House#Additional_work_-_Kingston_designs_building_to_replace_cottage  +, Bray House#Additional_work_-_Extensions  +, Bray House#Additional_work_-_Two_rooms_added_by_Rowland_Rees  +
Buxton Manor - House and Fence +Buxton Manor - House and Fence#Additional_work_-_Divided  +


Carhayes House +Carhayes House#Additional_work_-_Extensions  +
Christ Church (Anglican) North Adelaide +Christ Church (Anglican) North Adelaide#Additional_work_-_Alterations_designed_by_Daniel_Garlick  +
Christ Church School and outbuilding +Christ Church School and outbuilding#Additional_work_-_Extensions  +
Christian Brothers College - Brothers House and Hurley Wing +Christian Brothers College - Brothers House and Hurley Wing#Additional_work_-_South_Wing_added,_architects_Bayer_and_Withall  +, Christian Brothers College - Brothers House and Hurley Wing#Additional_work_-_Additions_by_architect_M_E_Cavanagh,_built_by_Mannion_and_Hudd  +, Christian Brothers College - Brothers House and Hurley Wing#Additional_work_-_East_Wing_added,_architect_Albert_Conrad,_built_by_J_J_Leahy  +
Colonel Light Hotel +Colonel Light Hotel#Additional_work_-_Veranda_added  +
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