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Adelaide Botanic Garden - Boy and Serpent Fountain +Coalbrookdale  +
Adelaide Botanic Garden - Main North Terrace Gates +Turner and Allen  +
Adelaide Botanic Garden - Museum of Economic Botany +Jas Anderson  +
Adelaide Botanic Garden - North Lodge +Nimmo and McGee  +
Adelaide Boys High School +A W Baulderstone  +
Adelaide Brewery +Thomas Martin  +
Adelaide Children's Hospital - Allan Campbell Building +Walter Torode  +
Adelaide Club +William Lines  +
Adelaide Festival Centre +A V Jennings Industries  +
Adelaide Gaol +Borrow and Goodiar  +
Adelaide General Post Office (GPO) +Brown and Thompson  +
Adelaide Goal - Powder Magazine and Surrounding Walls +William Camens  +
Adelaide Goal- Powder Magazine Keeper's Residence, Water Tank Toilet Fence Garden and Curtilage +William Camens  +
Adelaide Mail Exchange +N N Trudgen  +
Adelaide Stock Exchange +Walter C Tarode  +
Adelaide Town Hall Complex - Town Hall, Prince Alfred Eagle and Gladstone Chambers +English and Brown  +
Adelaide Workmen's Homes +J T Brown  +, H Peel  +
Advanced School for Girls +J J Leahy  +
Albert Bridge over the River Torrens (Metal Girder) +Davies & Wishart  +, J. H. Langdon  +
Alliance Assurance Company Building +J King and Son  +
Amscol Terrace +J Roberts  +


Bank of Adelaide Head Office +Brown and Thompson  +
Bank of New South Wales +Hansen and Yuncken  +
Bank of South Australia Head Office +Brown and Thompson  +
Barker Kindergarten +M C Richardson  +
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