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Adelaide Arcade and Gays Arcade +James Cumming  +
Adelaide Benevolent and Strangers' Friend Society Hall (Elder Hall) +Daniel Garlick  +
Adelaide Benevolent and Strangers' Friend Society Houses +Alfred Wells  +
Adelaide Botanic Garden - East Lodge +William Bennet Hayes  +
Adelaide Botanic Garden - Museum of Economic Botany +Edward Woods  +
Adelaide Botanic Garden - Palm House Conservatory +Gustav Runge  +
Adelaide Botanic Garden - Simpson Kiosk +E J Woods  +
Adelaide Boys High School +Edward B Fitzgerald  +, John K Brogan  +
Adelaide Brewery +Daniel Garlick  +
Adelaide Children's Hospital - Allan Campbell Building +Alfred Wells  +
Adelaide Children's Hospital - Angas Building +Alfred Wells  +
Adelaide Club +Edward Hamilton  +, G Hamilton  +
Adelaide Electric Supply Company Converter Station +Eric McMichael  +
Adelaide Electric Supply Company Power Station +Alfred Wells  +, M S Clark  +
Adelaide Festival Centre +Frank Hassell  +
Adelaide Fruit and Produce Exchange - Facades and Shops +Henry Cowell  +
Adelaide Gaol +George Kingston  +
Adelaide General Post Office (GPO) +Edmund Wright  +, Edward Woods  +
Adelaide Goal - Powder Magazine and Surrounding Walls +Edward Woods  +
Adelaide Mail Exchange +English and Soward  +
Adelaide Oval Scoreboard +Kenneth Milne  +
Adelaide Railway Station +Daniel Garlick  +, Herbert Jackman  +
Adelaide Stock Exchange +Hedley Dunn  +, Henry Fuller  +
Adelaide Teachers College +Alfred Simpson  +
Adelaide Town Hall Complex - Town Hall, Prince Alfred Eagle and Gladstone Chambers +Edmund Wright  +, Edward Woods  +
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