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Adelaide Club#Additional_work_-_Additions_to_rear +Designed by Grainger and Naish  +
Adelaide General Post Office (GPO)#Additional_work_-_Addition_of_North_Wing +North Wing built to incorporate Telegraph Office, usedMurray Bridge Freestone  +
Albert Bridge over the River Torrens (Metal Girder)#Additional_work_-_Redecked +Re-decked  +


Botanic Chambers#Additional_work_-_Renovations_under_new_ownership +South Australian Brewing Company  +
Buxton Manor - House and Fence#Additional_work_-_Divided +House divided into four flats  +


Christ Church School and outbuilding#Additional_work_-_Extensions +Designed by Daniel Garlick  +
Colonel William Light's Grave and Monument#Additional_work_-_New_Statue_Erected,_sandstone_deteriorating +replaced with Bronze and Thedolite granite  +


Darcy Lever Terrace- 33 Hurtle Square, Adelaide#Additional_work_-_Refurbishment +Refurbishment of interior of each dwelling  +
Darcy Lever Terrace- 35 Hurtle Square, Adelaide#Additional_work_-_Refurbishment +Refurbishment of interior of each dwelling  +
Darcy Lever Terrace- 37 Hurtle Square, Adelaide#Additional_work_-_Refurbishment +Refurbishment of interior of each dwelling  +


Government House#Additional_work_-_Two_Storey_servant_section +Built by A G Chapman  +
Government House#Additional_work_-_Portico_Rebuilt +Hansen and Yuncken  +
Government House#Additional_work_-_Stained_Glass_Windows_Added_to_Northern_side_of_Ballroom +Designed by E E Troy  +
Government House#Additional_work_-_Two_Storey_Addition +South West section, built by English and Brown  +
Government House#Additional_work_-_Suite_of_rooms +Northern side built by English and Brown  +


Holy Trinity Anglican Church#Additional_work_-_Renovations_by_R_G_Bowen +Walls raised and new turret  +
Holy Trinity Anglican Church#Additional_work_-_New_roof,_walls_raised,_chancel_added. +Designed by Edward Woods and built by Codd  +
House at 301-305 Ward Street, North Adelaide#Additional_work_-_Prsent_facade_constructed +Squared hammered sandston  +
House at 64 Pennington Terrace, North Adelaide#Additional_work_-_Drawing_Room_added_to_eastern_side +Designed by Walter Hervey Bagot  +


Jewish Synagogue#Additional_work_-_New_Synagogue_Building +Construction of a new synagogue to alleviate issues of crowding  +
Jewish Synagogue#Additional_work_-_Facade_moved_to_Synagogue_Place +Moving of the synagogue entrance to Synagogue Place including new style for new facade  +
John's Emporium#Additional_work_-_Internal_Alterations +Internal Alterations  +


Kingsmead House#Additional_work_-_Converted_to_Self_Contained_Flats +Designed by Guy St J Makin and built by Arthur Owen  +


Scots Church#Additional_work_-_Roof_redone_using_galvanised_iron;_school_rooms_completed +English and Brown  +
South Australian Museum - Armoury and Archway#Additional_work_-_Additions +Designed by W Bennett Hayes and built by William Lines  +
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