John's Emporium

John's Emporium

John's Emporium was built in 1929-1931, on a site owned by the Leigh Trust. The land had been purchased by William Leigh of Little Aston, Staffordshire, in 1837. Mr Leigh was a member of the Committee of the South Australian Church Society in London, which was working in cooperation with the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG). In 1840, he donated two acres, including this site, to the Society. In 1929, the SPG-owned properties were handed over to the Leigh Trust, when it was incorporated by an Act of Parliament. The purpose of the land donation was principally for the maintenance and support of clergymen, the building and maintenance of churches, schools, halls and rectories for the Anglican Church of Australia in South Australia.

In 1866, William Hooper opened a furniture and ironmonger shop on the site. It was sold to RJ Lavis in 1907. In 1928 the business was formed into a private limited company and named Hooper's Furnishing Arcade Ltd. A new building was constructed between 1929 and 1931, designed by the architects Garlick and Jackman. This building was later known as John's Emporium.

The site belonged to the Leigh Trust until the late 1990s. John's Emporium continues to be used as a retail business.


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This building is historically noteworthy for the manner in which it reflects changes in the design of commercial development. The building is a distinctive structure which makes excellent use of the arched form, severe classically derived detailing and metal framed windows. The boldness of the building is enhanced by the apparent lack of a floor line at the second floor level. The integrity of the building is high. Some minor internal alterations have been made, but none are externally apparent. The original function of the building has remained essentially unchanged.

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  • John's Emporium
Daniel Garlick, Herbert Jackman
Building materials
Architectural styles
3.12 Inter-War Period (c. 1915–c. 1940), 3.13.2 Free Classical
1929 - 1931 

Additional Works

Internal Alterations

Internal Alterations
Construction commenced
Construction completed
c. 8/4/1977
Architecture and design features
classical detailing, metal framed windows
Engineering features
West End
Council Ward
Alternative Addresses
Town Acre
Planning Zone or Policy Area
CBAPA13 - Central Business Policy Area 13
Original owners
William Leigh
Original occupant
Hoopers Furnishing Arcade Ltd.
Later occupant/s
Purposes and use
Commercial, Shop
AS2482 classification
11500 - Business: Commercial/Retail
Public Access
Private business.
State Heritage ID
ACC Reference No.
DPTI Heritage No.
Certificate of Title No.
CT 5509/941 F24484 A10
NTSA file exists
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Heritage Status
State Heritage listed
State heritage listing
State Heritage listed
Date of State heritage listing
Local heritage listing
Date of Local heritage listing
NTSA listing
NTSA registered
Date of NTSA listing
Section 23 (4) crtiteria
Risk status
Historic Themes
3.5 Commercial, Marketing & Retail
3.5.2 Retail and Wholesale Industry
4.5.4 Inter War
Australian Curriculum references
Year 6: Australia as a Nation


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