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Jasol Chemical Products was a chemicals manufacturing company founded in Adelaide, South Australia by Charles George Johnson in 1934. It was well known in that state and Western Australia for its cleaning products and disinfectants, notably Jasol B. The brand is now owned by George Weston Foods. The name "Jasol" was an acronym of "Johnson's Antiseptic Soluble Oils Limited".


C. G. Johnson founded Jasol Chemical Products Ltd. in August 1934 with 2,000 shares of £1 each divided among five shareholders, the others being Millie Johnson, E.G. Lawton, F.G. Lawton and F.E.G. Edwards. The registered office was in Flinders Street, Adelaide.[1] Head office in 1934 was at 57 Gawler Place, with a warehouse at 19 California St. Other premises occupied at various times were ANA Building in 1937 and Epworth Building in 1949.

At the outset much of the delivery was done by Johnson on a pushbike. Most sales were through wholesalers Bickfords and Fauldings.[2]

A warehouse facility was set up in Flinders St in 1936, then moved to 33 Pirie St in 1942, which remained their head office until at least 1962.[3] In 1960 a greatly enlarged facility was set up in Willcox Ave, Prospect.[2]

In 1971 the company was purchased by F. H. Faulding & Co.

In 1986 the brand was purchased by George Weston Foods.[2]


The following products are mentioned in the GWF website as being produced around 1936:[2]
  • Pine Oda
  • Johnson's Catarrh Balm
  • Jasol C & C (for Caretakers and Cleaners)
  • Holdfast denture cement


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