House at 31-32 Mackinnon Parade/Description

This house is representative of the better class of dwelling erected in the 1850s and is important for its relatively early date and quality construction.

The design of the building, constructed of neatly squared tuck-pointed masonry with paned windows and a slate roof, has been attributed to George Strickland Kingston. This attribution seems to have been based upon the style of the porch, as the house was erected for, and probably by, William Rickard, bricklayer/builder. Rickard purchased two lots of Town Acre 975 in 1853, and by 1857 Rickard was occupying an unfinished house fronting Mackinnon Parade, probably this house.

The building retains its largely original external form with the distinctive porch and unusual roof capped by a surmounting ball. The detailing of the wrought-iron gate is delicate and suggests the same maker as that of the gate to the cottage at 168 Jeffcott Street.