House and fence at 219 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

House and fence at 219 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

This rather distinctive building; was originally owned by an Albert Sydney Devenish who despite his terms as a councillor for Robe ward, is best known for the strange manner of his death. Devenish was killed in a shooting accident, as according to his wife he had taken to getting up in the middle of the night and shooting at stray cats that were keeping him awake. After one night he was found dead with his gun alongside him. Perhaps fitting of this story, this building features what could possibly be a unique ogee verandah with louvre shuttered enclosure abutting a simple parapeted gable roof building.


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The relative uniqueness of this building makes it highly significant in the fabric of Adelaide. The use of louvered shutters on the verandah shows how this building made its concessions to the Adelaide climate at a time when the dominant style would have made this very strange. The highly intact structure and conditions of original materials makes this building a wonderful example of the unpredictability of Adelaide's heritage.

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Building materials
Render, Stucco, Stone, Bluestone, Timber
Architectural styles
2 Victorian Period (c. 1840–c. 1890)
1871 - 1872
Architecture and design features
Ogee Verandah, Louvered Verandah, Gabled parapet
Engineering features
Lower North Adelaide
Council Ward
Alternative Addresses
Town Acre
Planning Zone or Policy Area
NAPA10 - Stanley West Policy Area 10
Original owners
Albert Sydney Devenish
Original occupant
Albert Sydney Devenish
Later occupant/s
Purposes and use
Dwelling, House
AS2482 classification
16010 - House
Public Access
Private residence
State Heritage ID
ACC Reference No.
DPTI Heritage No.
Certificate of Title No.
CT 5832/412 F183853 A581
NTSA file exists
Heritage Status
State Heritage listed
State heritage listing
State Heritage listed
Date of State heritage listing
Local heritage listing
Date of Local heritage listing
NTSA listing
Date of NTSA listing
Section 23 (4) crtiteria
Risk status
Historic Themes
2.4 City Dwellers: City, state and business leaders
Australian Curriculum references
Year 5: The Australian Colonies


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