Goode Durant and Company Stables

Goode Durant and Company Stables

This warehouse was built in 1890 for Goode Durrant & Co, Ltd. Then one of Adelaide’s leading merchant firms, this had branches throughout South Australia, as well as in Broken Hill, Perth, Kalgoorlie and London.

The company was formed soon after Charles H. Goode’s arrival in the colony in 1849. In partnership with his friend Thomas Good, he opened up a general softgoods business in Kermode Street, North Adelaide. The pair became brothers-in-law when each married the other’s sister.

Charles Goode is said to have been South Australia’s first commercial traveller. When the American Civil War reduced the supply of cotton to Australia, he decided to go on the road to find more business. When Thomas Good retired, Charles’ brothers Samuel and Matthew joined the business and it steadily expanded. It set up warehouses in Rundle Street, Stephens Place and Grenfell Street. Charles Goode was elected to parliament in 1865, representing East Torrens in the House of Assembly. In 1882 the business became known as Goode, Durrant and Co. when W.H. Durrant joined the firm.

These premises, comprising bulk store, stabling and a dwelling, were designed by Charles’ son Charles Thomas Goode. His father had sent Charles jnr to England for architectural training and he was articled to Osborn & Good of Birmingham. This was followed by a year in London with George Vigars. Council approved the plans for this complex in May 1890. It is well built of bluestone, with stuccoed and red-brick dressings. The coved plaster soffit to the eaves is unusual. Largely original, it has had new doors and windows added to suit modern office needs.


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The complex is important architecturally for its combination of warehouse, residence and central service archway leading to a courtyard at the rear. It is one of the best surviving examples of this type of building, which was formerly typical of business activities in the city.

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Charles ThomasGoode
Building materials
Stone, Bluestone
Architectural styles
3 Federation Period (c. 1890–c. 1915), 3.7 Warehouse
1890 -
Architecture and design features
stucco, coved plaster soffit
Engineering features
Victoria Square- Tarndanyangga
Council Ward
Alternative Addresses
Town Acre
Planning Zone or Policy Area
Original owners
Goode Durrant and Company
Original occupant
Later occupant/s
Purposes and use
Commercial, Office, Dwelling
AS2482 classification
11510 - Business House - Offices
Public Access
Business/trading hours
State Heritage ID
ACC Reference No.
DPTI Heritage No.
Certificate of Title No.
CT 5017/843 S5444 U1 CT 5017/844 S5444 U2 CT 5017/846 S5444 UCP CT 5017/845 S5444 U3
NTSA file exists
Heritage Status
State Heritage listed
State heritage listing
State Heritage listed
Date of State heritage listing
Local heritage listing
Date of Local heritage listing
NTSA listing
NTSA classified
Date of NTSA listing
Section 23 (4) crtiteria
Risk status
Historic Themes
3.3 Financing Adelaide
3.3.5 Company Headquarters
Charles H Goode
Australian Curriculum references
Year 5: The Australian Colonies


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