Friendly Society Hall

Friendly Society Hall

As the surrounding area of upper North Adelaide developed, Tynte Street evolved as the High Street of the district. While O’Connell Street eventually became the commercial centre of North Adelaide after the mid-1850s when King William Road provided a direct connection to South Adelaide, Tynte Street retained its early pre-eminence as the location of the more dignified cultural and philanthropic institutions.

The property on which this building was erected was purchased in 1879 by the Albert Lodge No. 6 of the Independent Order of Oddfellows Manchester Unity Friendly Society, and by George Guest Newman, Albert Hirst, William Cox, William Smith and Henry the trustees of Court Huntsman’s Pride No. 2478 of the Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society. In August of that year tenders for the hall’s construction were advertised by architect J.G. Osborne. It was built soon afterwards as it appears on the Smith Survey of 1880.

The property remained in the names of the friendly societies until it was sold in 1963, and so has had a lengthy association with these societies and the philanthropic work of the organisation that now embraces the Oddfellows, Australian Natives Association, Foresters, Hibernians and Rechabites. The building is typical of the expansion of such organisations in South Australia, which are also represented by the Oddfellows Hall in Franklin Street (1872) and the Rechabite Hall in Grote Street (1879).

The hall is a simple gabled structure of bluestone rubble trimmed with brick. Strong blocking at quoins and around the windows lends distinction and originality to an otherwise plain facade evocative of chapel architecture.


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The building contributes to a streetscape lined with prominent commercial, public and church architecture, although its scale is more akin to neighbouring residential properties.

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  • Friendly Society Hall
J G Osborne
Building materials
Brick, Stone, Bluestone
Architectural styles
2 Victorian Period (c. 1840–c. 1890)
1880 -
Architecture and design features
quoins, lean to
Engineering features
Upper North Adelaide
Council Ward
Alternative Addresses
Town Acre
Planning Zone or Policy Area
Original owners
Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society, Independent Order of Oddfellows Manchester Unity Friendly Society
Original occupant
Later occupant/s
Purposes and use
Recreational, Clubs and association
AS2482 classification
12560 - Hall
Public Access
Limited public access
State Heritage ID
ACC Reference No.
DPTI Heritage No.
Certificate of Title No.
CT 5831/225 F199639 A97 CT 5831/224 F199639 A97
NTSA file exists
Heritage Status
State Heritage listed
State heritage listing
State Heritage listed
Date of State heritage listing
Local heritage listing
Date of Local heritage listing
NTSA listing
NTSA registered
Date of NTSA listing
Section 23 (4) crtiteria
Risk status
Historic Themes
6.4 Forming Associations
6.4.3 Friendly Societies
Australian Curriculum references
Year 5: The Australian Colonies


  • ACA, Smith Survey 1880; South Australian
  • Register 4 August 1879.

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