East End Promenade

East End Promenade

East Terrace forms the eastern boundary of Colonel Light’s

plan for the city area.  Unlike the other boundary terraces, East Terrace runs not in a straight line but north to south in a series of five right-angled steps.  The steps trace the slope of the land into the eastern Parklands, which provides a scenic outlook.  Once the site of the Victoria Park racecourse, the eastern Parklands are now open public space, except for the annual V8 car race that intersects the park.

Land in this area was first built upon in the 1850s.  However it was during the boom period of the 1870s and 1880s that the grandest mansions were built here to create Adelaide’s finest residential street.  Today, these magnificent Victorian era landmarks and the parkland setting make for a very pleasant city stroll taking just 30 minutes.


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