Colonel Light Hotel

Colonel Light Hotel

First licensed in 1849, this hotel has been known by several different names. As with many Adelaide hotels, the history of the site as a hotel predates the present structure, which was built in 1898. A basement well may date from the earlier hotel.

The hotel is located in what has been known as the “red light” district of Adelaide. The early practice of subdividing town acres into tiny sections, often no larger than 20 feet by 60 feet, produced low land prices that attracted buyers and lessees of limited means. Low rents and rates also attracted some less desirable elements, and the area was described as “infected with brothels and soliciting prostitutes”.

Amid such notoriety, the hotel prospered, being well known as a place of entertainment from as early as 1852. Assessments for that year stated that the hotel (the Billy Barlow) was an “eight-room, two-storey brick and stone house with cellar yard and pale stable and large pale building used as a circus”.

When known as the Shamrock between 1854-88, the hotel was described as having “one of the principal Music Halls of England and the Colonies”, having been fitted as a theatre and concert hall. It was renamed the Colonel Light in 1888 and retained this name until 1923.

Many Adelaide hotels were rebuilt in the period 1870-85. This one is somewhat unusual in that it was rebuilt much later, during the 1890s depression. Between 1887 and 1898, owners Makinson, Fox and Heydon required lessees A.W. & T.L. Ware to “erect according to elevations and specifications to be approved in manner therein described upon the land thereby demised at the lessee’s own expense a good and substantial building for the purpose of an hotel with outbuilding and conveniences, and for that purpose to pull down the existing building and to complete substituted buildings by the 1st day of December 1898 and to spend in such erection the sum of £1500 at least”.

Although assessments of 1898 confirm that the hotel was rebuilt at this time, to date no architect has been found. The State Heritage Branch report of January 10, 1985, for the hotel states that “a comparison between two photographs at the hotel taken in 1911 and the late 1920s respectively shows that the verandah was a later addition, probably during the 1920s”.

The hotel has variously been known as the Sir Robert Peel (1849-50), the Billy Barlow (1850-52), the George and Dragon (1852-54), the Shamrock (1854-88), the Colonel Light (1888-1923), the Hotel George 1923-36), the Hotel Gambier (1936-70) and the Colonel Light Hotel (1970- ).


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The Colonel Light Hotel is a rare example of depression era development, and reflects the enjoyment and high use of pubs in the city of Adelaide.

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  • Colonel Light Hotel, 1984
Building materials
Brick, Stone
Architectural styles
3 Federation Period (c. 1890–c. 1915)
1898/12/01 -  

Additional Works

Veranda added

Construction commenced
Construction completed
Architecture and design features
Engineering features
West End
Council Ward
Alternative Addresses
Town Acre
Planning Zone or Policy Area
Original owners
Makinson, Fox and Heydon
Original occupant
Later occupant/s
Purposes and use
Commercial, Hotel
AS2482 classification
10510 - Hotel - Motel - Inn
Public Access
Opening hours only
State Heritage ID
ACC Reference No.
DPTI Heritage No.
Certificate of Title No.
CT 5220/437 D19234 A1
NTSA file exists
Heritage Status
State Heritage listed
State heritage listing
State Heritage listed
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Local heritage listing
Date of Local heritage listing
NTSA listing
Date of NTSA listing
Section 23 (4) crtiteria
Risk status
Historic Themes
2 Peopling a city
2.3 City Dwellers: Householders, Boarders and Tenants
3.1 Economic Cycles
3.1.6 Mid-1880s Recession
3.5 Commercial, Marketing & Retail
3.5.5 A City of Pubs
Australian Curriculum references
Year 5: The Australian Colonies


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