Baptist Church Manse

Baptist Church Manse

This former manse, designed by James Cumming, was built in 1877 as a residence for Reverend Silas Mead, the pioneering minister of South Australia’s main Baptist congregation. Mead was the first incumbent of the Flinders Street Baptist Church and headed the Baptist Church for 36 years.

The manse (now offices), hall and church are still a working group of ecclesiastical buildings.

The South Australian Register of January 1 1877 described the Flinders Street manse, then being built as “a tasteful and at the same time substantial manse ... both commodious and comfortable”. Brown and Wood were the contractors.

Complementing the adjacent church and hall, the former manse is attractively built of dimensioned bluestone with sandstone dressings and stuccoed enrichment. The high-quality construction is enhanced by picturesque elements and detailing with Gothic overtones, such as chimney tops, a porch, eaves detail and steep roof pitch. Inside is the original high-quality plasterwork and joinery. The surviving cast-iron finials and fence railings are also notable. At the rear the three church buildings form a bluestone enclave.


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The manse, hall and church retain a state of preservation that is now rare anywhere in the state. In particular, the group is a physical manifestation of the unification and outreach of the Baptist cause in colonial South Australia.

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